Thinking of Pat Hawk

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Jack recently received a message from Rolf Drosten, a Diamond Sangha teacher who lives and teaches in Germany. Rolf wrote about Pat Hawk, a long-time Three Treasures supporter, known to many of us. Rolf’s message is a warm tribute, and a message about each of us practicing with our foibles.

I, too, remember Pat with warmth and gratitude.


Five years ago, Pat Hawk Roshi died in May 2012. Now and then during the past weeks, I have come to think of him – No, more clearly, I’ve simply come to think of him. It is possible that he has shown me more than all other Masters I’ve met over the years; that you, as an ordinary human being with all shortcomings and faults, can function as Roshi. And he was of an exceptional kind. It has also become clear to me that masterfulness does not work very well to exhaust koans, but that it is vital to embody the Way . . .  having cut off study, uncontrived, at ease in the Dao …

He has a special place also in the history and forming of our Sangha.

Perhaps, some of you would also find joy to recite the Kanzeon for Pat at the next zazen.

Thank you Pat…