Three Treasures Sangha offers Zen meditation on a weekly and monthly basis at Dharma Gate, and more intensive, week-long silent retreats (Sesshins) twice each year at Mountain Lamp. You don’t need to be Buddhist to practice meditation! Everyone is welcome to attend.

a meditation group in Seattle

Weekly Zazen at Dharma Gate

We offer practice in sitting meditation, called Zazen. On Wednesday nights, you can also meet individually with a teacher.

  • Wednesday evenings 7:00pm—8:30pm
  • Friday — mornings 6:30—7:30am, followed by breakfast and a discussion of practice-related topics.

Zazenkais and Sesshins

Zazenkais are one- or two-day meditation retreats, held monthly at Dharma Gate. Sesshins are longer retreats—usually seven days—that include sitting and walking meditation, chanting, talks by the teacher, and student-teacher interviews. Sesshins are held at Mountain Lamp, our affiliated retreat center near Bellingham, Washington.

DateEventInstructorAdditional Info.
September 8-15, 2018SesshinJack Duffy Roshi
October 14, 2018ZenkaiLee Shields
November 10, 2018TTS Holiday GatheringPlace TBD
November 10-11, 2018ZenkaiJack Duffy Rōshi
December 9, 2018ZenkaiMadelon Bolling and Lee Shields
December 21, 2018Solstice CelebrationFriday AM sitting, arrive 6:20 AM

Recurring Events with Related Sanghas