Three Treasures Sangha offers Zen meditation on a weekly and monthly basis at Dharma Gate, and more intensive, week-long silent retreats (Sesshins) twice each year at Mountain Lamp. You don’t need to be Buddhist to practice meditation! Everyone is welcome to attend.

a meditation group in Seattle

Weekly Zazen at Dharma Gate

We offer practice in sitting meditation, called Zazen. On Wednesday nights, you can also meet individually with a teacher.

  • Wednesday evenings 7:00pm—8:30pm
  • Friday — mornings 6:30—7:30am, followed by breakfast and a discussion of practice-related topics.

Zazenkais and Sesshins

Zazenkais are one- or two-day meditation retreats, held monthly at Dharma Gate. Sesshins are longer retreats—usually seven days—that include sitting and walking meditation, chanting, talks by the teacher, and student-teacher interviews. Sesshins are held at Mountain Lamp, our affiliated retreat center near Bellingham, Washington.

DateEventInstructorAdditional Info.
December 9, 2018ZenkaiMadelon Bolling and Lee Shields
December 21, 2018Solstice CelebrationFriday AM sitting, arrive 6:20 AM
January 13, 2019 ZenkaiMadelon Bolling
February 9-10, 2019 Two-Day Zen RetreatJack Duffy Roshi
March 9-10, 2019Facilities and Garden Work Retreat
April 13-20, 2019SesshinAt Mt. Lamp Community
May 12, 2019ZenkaiLee Shields
June 9, 2019 ZenkaiMadelon Bolling
July 12-14, 2019Non-residential in-city retreatMadelon Bolling and Lee Shields
August 11, 2019ZenkaiLee Shields
September 7-14, 2019SesshinAt Mt. Lamp Community
October 13, 2019ZenkaiMadelon Bolling
November 9, 2019Holiday partyevening
November 9-10, 2019 Two-Day Zen RetreatJack Duffy Rōshi
December 8, 2019ZenkaiMadelon Bolling and Lee Shields
December 20, 2019Solstice CelebrationFriday AM sitting, arrive 6:20 AM

Recurring Events with Related Sanghas