ResourcesHere are some quick links to information about how to participate with Three Treasures and resources that will broaden your understanding of Zen.


Our teachers give teishos–formal talks that present dharma–at our zazenkais and sesshins, and then make them available to the sangha. Visit the Talks page to read some and listen to others.

TTS Library

For those interested in reading more about Zen, you can browse our comprehensive catalog of books and articles available in the TTS library at Dharma Gate, where TTS members can check them out.

Membership Application

If you’re interested in becoming a member, download the TTS Membership Application.

Sesshin Applications

Three Treasures Sangha holds two, seven-day sesshin each year:

For more information, visit our Sesshin page.


We welcome anyone interested in learning about practicing Zen. We also welcome Zen students looking for a place to practice in Seattle. For more information, visit our Orientation page.