Beginner Zen Meditation

Zenkai (October 8, 2017) with Leland Shields

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Beginners who are interested in Zen and experienced Zen students are welcome. Schedule 8:15am Work period 9:00am Opening, Five Remembrances, Zazen 9:35am Zazen 10:00am Dharma talk 11:00am Zazen 12:00pm Informal lunch (Soup will be provided. Please bring food to share.) 1:00pm Sutras 1:30am Zazen, Interviews 2:50pm Closing, Great Vows

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Zen Meditation Retreat with Madelon Bolling and Lee Shields (December 11)

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Please join us on December 11th for a day of Zen meditation. Lee and Madelon will co-lead the retreat. Rather than listening to a talk, we will offer music as teisho. Wu-Men Kuan case 16: Yun-men said, “See how vast and wide the world is? Why do you put on your seven-piece robe at the sound of the bell?” Wu-Men’s Commentary (excerpted): Does the sound come to the ear or does the ear go to the sound? If both sound and silence die away, at such a juncture how could you talk of Zen? While listening with your ear, you cannot tell. When hearing with your eye, you are truly intimate. Beginners who...

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Demon of Doubt: Zen Meditation Retreat with Madelon Bolling (July 12)

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Please join us on July 12th for a day of Zen meditation and a talk on the demon of doubt and Miao-Dao, one of our Zen women ancestors. Do you ever arrive at a Zen meditation retreat and wonder what in the world you’re doing? Even though you’ve done years and years of retreats — or maybe because you’ve done them — doubt arises. Here’s a chance to consider doubt, to lean in and look it in the face. Miao-Dao was the first Dharma heir of Dahui, a pivotal teacher of the Linji school. Though she did not establish an enduring lineage of her own, Miao-Dao’s...

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2013 Practice Schedule

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  Here is the complete listing of the opportunities to practice Zen with Three Treasures Sangha in 2013.  Of note: there will be three, more intensive (longer) Zazenkai’s with Jack Duffy Roshi; and new teachers Lee Shields and Madelon Bolling will be leading monthly zazenkais and be present on one Wednesday evening per month. January 12-13             Zazenkai (Madelon Bolling) Saturday 6:30pm – 8:30pm Sunday 6:00am – 1:30pm January 23                  Wednesday 6:30 – 8:30 pm (Lee Shields) February 9-10             Zazenkai (Jack Duffy) Saturday 9:00am – 4:30pm Sunday 6:00am –...

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