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Bibliography of Suggested Readings By Robert Aitken, Rōshi Encouraging Words: A collection of talks and essays offered by Aitken Rōshi to his students at meditation retreats “sesshin”. These concise transcriptions are clear windows into Zen practice, covering topics such as attention, emptiness, diligence, death and the moral path. Mind of Clover: Essays in Zen Buddhist Ethics: Addresses issues of appropriate personal and social action through an exploration of the philosophical complexities of Zen ethics. Morning Star: Includes some previously published material as well as new...

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Zen Glossary

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Glossary of Zen Terms bodhichitta: The aspiration of a practioner for enlightenment and Buddhahood. bodhisattva: A practitioner who defers his/her own enlightenment to benefit the liberation of all beings. Buddha: One who is enlightened or awakened to the true nature of existence; any being. dana: The voluntary giving of material, energy or wisdom to others; one of the key virtues or perfections. dharma: The phenomena of the tao or the way or the law of karma; the teachings. dokusan: The personal interview between the roshi and the student; literally means to go alone. dojo: The training...

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