Zenkai (October 10, 2021) with Lee Shields

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TTS is tentatively planning to host this event at our Dharma Gate facility, and also live on Zoom. We will provide more information about this as we watch Covid guidelines.

If you are able, please join all or part of this opportunity for intensive practice with others.

8:15     Samu – cleaning your space or home

8:45     Gathering on Zoom

8:55     Be seated

9:00     (5 Remembrances), Zazen, Kinhin

10:10     (Dai-O Kokushi) Dharma talk (Shiku Seigan Mon)*

10: 45    Zazen, Kinhin

(11:15    Interviews available)

12:00     (audio and video on) Break to get food

12:10    Opening meal gatha, video off, lunch

12:30   Video on, closing meal gatha, informal discussion

12:50   Clean up, break

1:10    Be seated

1:15     Sutras (video on but remain muted), kinhin

1:45     Zazen, Kinhin,

2:15     Interviews

1:45     Zazen, Kinhin

(2:15     Interviews available)

2:50     Four Infinite Vows

3:00     Closing remarks (audio & video on)

Attendees are asked to offer donations to TTS for this event. All are welcome to attend independent of the donation.