Zenkai (January 14, 2024) with Katie Egart – In Person and Zoom

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During the time of the dharma talk, we’ll have a guest zoom presentation by Katie Egart, Diamond Sangha teacher from Yellow Springs Ohio.

Hidden Light: Incarcerated Women Practice Zen
Chaplain Katie Egart looks forward to sharing her video of the voices and images of women inside who have chosen to deeply engage with Zen practice.

More about Katie:
Sensei Katie Gyosei Egart is an apprentice teacher in the Diamond Sangha tradition. She is an ordained Buddhist Chaplain who has served incarcerated individuals (men and women) since 2012. Her Zen Buddhist group at the Ohio Reformatory for Women (Ohio’s largest women’s prison) has celebrated over 7 Jukai Ceremonies over these years, with nine women taking the Bodhisattva Vows which require a year-long intensive study as well as stitching their rakusus inside.  She is affiliated with the Yellow Springs Dharma Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  The Center supports three traditions: Vipassana, Zen and Vajrayana.  She is practice leader for the Zen group and a long-time student of Roshi Daniel Terragno of Rocks and Clouds Zendo in Sebastopol, CA.

Recent Jukai Ceremony at Ohio Reformatory for Women with Sensei Egart and Roshi Terragno.

Three Treasures Sangha will hold this event in-person at our Dharma Gate facility and live by Zoom. Registration information (for in-person) and current Covid-19 Guidelines are posted below the schedule. Guidelines are likely to change before the event, so check again as the date gets closer.

If you are able, please join all or part of this opportunity for intensive practice with others.

Zoom Link: Send email to ttssangha@gmail.com. If this will be your first event with TTS, we will arrange for an orientation prior to the event.


8:15 Samu – cleaning, work period

8:55 Gathering on Zoom, be seated

9:00 (5 Remembrances), Zazen, Kinhin

10:10 Teisho, dharma talk

10: 45 Zazen, kinhin, dokusan/interviews

12:00 Prepare for lunch

12:10 Opening meal gatha

12:25 Closing meal gatha, informal discussion

12:50 Clean up, break

1:10 Be seated

1:15 Sutras

1:45 Zazen, kinhin, interviews/dokusan

2:50 Four Infinite Vows

3:00 Closing remarks


Guidelines for In-Person Attendance
To keep all of us in the dojo as safe as possible, we ask those having symptoms of cold, flu, or Covid to join by Zoom rather than in person. We encourage those attending in-person to be up to date on vaccines and to feel free to wear a face covering to reduce any risk of air-borne pathogen.


Event Registration
Contact Madelon for registration – mbolling22@gmail.com, (206) 395-5226
Attendees who have not pre-registered can try and drop in the day of the Zenkai with the understanding that, if full, you may not be able to sit in the dojo.


For those who wish to offer dana (donation) to TTS: