Zenkai (February 13, 2022) with Lee Shields – In Person and Zoom

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Three Treasures Sangha will hold this event in-person at our Dharma Gate facility and live by Zoom. Registration information (for in-person) and Covid-19 Guidelines are posted below the schedule

If you are able, please join all or part of this opportunity for intensive practice with others.

Zoom Link: Send email to ttssangha@gmail.com. If this will be your first event with TTS, we will arrange for an orientation prior to the event.


8:15 Samu – cleaning the dojo and your space or home

8:45 Gathering on Zoom

8:55 Be seated

9:00 (5 Remembrances), Zazen, Kinhin

10:10 (Dai-O Kokushi) Dharma talk (Shiku Seigan Mon)*

10: 45 Zazen, Kinhin

(11:00 Interviews available)

12:00 (Video on) Break to get food

12:10 Opening meal gatha, video off, lunch (bring your own)

12:30 Video on, closing meal gatha, informal discussion

12:50 Clean up, break

1:10 Be seated

1:15 Sutras (Zoom participants remain muted), kinhin

1:45 Zazen, Kinhin,

(1:55 Interviews available)

2:50 Four Infinite Vows

3:00 Closing remarks (audio & video on)


Guidelines for In-Person Attendance

  • Proof of vaccination is required to participate in all events.
  • A maximum of 10 people will be allowed in the dojo to provide adequate space between people.
  • Registration is required to attend the events in person with priority given to full time attendees.
  • Face masks are required indoors, optional outside
  • Leaders will ensure adequate ventilation through use of open windows or air purifiers.
  • Eating will take place in the dojo.
  • Please do not attend events if experiencing any covid symptoms.
  • Please contact Larry (ttssangha@gmail.com) if you have covid symptoms or test positive within 14 days from the event so that contact tracing can be initiated.


Event Registration

Contact Larry for registration – ttssangha@gmail.com,

Attendees who have not preregistered can tray and drop in the day of the Zenkai with the understanding that, if full, you may not be able to sit in the dojo.



For those who wish to offer dana (donation) to TTS: