Verses on the Faith Mind

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Osprey nest on a train bridge
“Nothing hangs in the mind,/There is nothing to remember./Boundless, clear, self-illuminating–/The mind does not make efforts./ This is the place of non-thinking,/Difficult to fathom with intellect or feeling.”

Hello Everyone, I’d like to start today by saying something about the 16 Bodhisattva precepts. Our lineage looks at the precepts from 3 different vantage points–the hinayana, the mahayana and the essential. The hinayana view is quite literal. Not killing means just that. We may attempt to fulfill this vow by eating a vegetarian or vegan diet. We may try to move carefully and thoughtfully in the world and in our daily activities. We move with kindness knowing we are all kin. We attempt to lessen our footprint but the best we can do is lessen the footprint, we can never erase it. In a sense, we can only fail because for us to live, others must die.
–Jack Duffy