Two-Day Zen Retreat with Jack Duffy (June 8-9, 2019)

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Three Treasures Sangha is hosting a two-day retreat with Jack Duffy Roshi at Dharma Gate zendo on June 8-9.

Jack Duffy will give a talk each day and hold dokusan (practice-related interviews). Everyone is welcome even if you haven’t attended a Three Treasures Sangha retreat. If you’re looking for other opportunities to sit Zen with Three Treasures, check out our Calendar. For more information about this or other retreats, contact


Saturday, June 8th

8:15am — Work period

9:00am — Chanting

9:30am — Zazen (Meditation)

10:30am — Dokusan (Interview with Jack Duffy)

12:00pm — Lunch/Work period – Informal lunch (Soup will be provided. Please bring food to share.)

1:30pm — Zazen

2:00pm — Teisho (Talk by Jack)

3:00pm — Zazen/ Dokusan

4:20pm — Closing ceremony

4:30pm — End


6:00am — Opening ceremony/Tea

6:45am — Zazen

7:15am — Dokusan

8:30am — Breakfast/ Samu (Breakfast provided)

10:00am — Sutras

10:30am — Zazen

11:00am — Teisho (talk) or Dokusan

12:15pm – Dokusan

12:45pm — Closing ceremony