“The only essential is that the gift must always move” – Annual donation to TTS

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Whatever we have been given is supposed to be given away again. The only essential is that the gift must always move.

—Lewis Hyde, The Gift


Winter 2021

Dear TTS Members and Friends,

It is that time of year once again, the days grow shorter, the leaves fall off the trees, and we approach another new year. I want to thank you all for the support you have given to TTS throughout this trying year. I also want to ask for your help and support in 2022 as we go forward without much certainty and without Jack as our teacher for the first time in about 30 years. We have deep gratitude beyond words for all Jack has given us. We also have full confidence we can continue to provide the resources needed to keep walking the path of the bodhisattva together. We have outstanding teachers in Lee and Madelon to help guide us, we have the Dharma Gate facility for practice, and we have the desire and means to continue our zazen together both in person and by Zoom.

Our sangha originated and has survived entirely through gifts: gifts of the Dharma from our teachers, gifts of money and labor to buy and renovate Dharma Gate, and gifts of participation by members to keep Three Treasures alive as an organization. This gift economy invites gratitude and reciprocity. We act on our gratitude by keeping the gift moving. In these actions we touch and take part in what we know to be true at a deep level—that there is a mysterious affinity that entangles us all.

Robert Aitken, in his book The Morning Star, points out that our liberation from suffering and anguish comes with our realization that “We live only briefly, that we are reliant on one another, and that we have no essential nature.” Our goal as we move into the New Year is to continue to offer the gifts of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha so all of us can deeply realize these facts.

We intend to keep the general schedule we have had in the past—that is, weekly sitting, monthly zenkai, and two multi-day intensive retreats during the year. We intend to have events in-person and by Zoom. We are not yet certain of the details of these events, but we have set dates that you can access through our web site. We need your help and participation as we enter this New Year with all its many unknowns.

We need your continuing financial support and more importantly, your full participation in supporting our activities. When we abandon ourselves entirely to the task at hand, hold all we encounter preciously and with respect, and walk the path lightly together, we naturally and effortlessly keep the circle of gratitude and gift giving in motion, freeing all beings and allowing the morning star to shine brightly.

With Love and Deep Bows to All,
Larry Keil, for the TTS Board

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