One-Day Zen Retreat (Zazenkai) with Madelon Bolling

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Madelon Boling

Please join us on May 10th for a day of sitting and a dharma talk.

Madelon Bolling will talk on Jishou Daojen, a person mentioned in the Three Treasures Sangha sesshin dedication. All that we know of Jishou Daojen is that it was a person who studied with the old monk Yuanwu (1063 – 1135).

“When I read the name in our sesshin (retreat) dedication, I didn’t know if it referred to a man, woman, or myth. Had such a person ever existed? Why does this name appear among our other ancestors? More about what I learned from further detective work will be reported on May 10th.




9:00am Opening, Five Remembrances, Zazen

9:35am Zazen

10:30am Dharma talk: Jishou Daojen the Unknown?

11:30am Zazen

12:00pm Informal lunch (Soup will be provided. Please bring food to share.)

1:00pm Sutras

2:00pm Zazen, Interviews

2:50pm Closing, Great Vows