2017 Year End Letter

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“To carry yourself forward and experience myriad things is delusion.
That myriad things come forth and experience themselves is awakening.”

Greetings Three Treasures Members & Friends   December, 2017

Despite all the disasters, both natural and human made, that have occurred recently, I was given some sliver of hope for our torn and tattered world by the extraordinary phenomenon of the solar eclipse this summer.

According to reports, many of those watching the eclipse seemed to experience a diminishing sense of self-centeredness and an increasing sense of connection and communion. Apparently, the awe-inspiring experience of the eclipse upended, for a short time, the assumptions that many held about how the world works and blurred the boundaries between self and others. How so? One psychologist said: “We think that what awe does is push us toward experiencing the world as it is and letting it shape our minds, rather than allowing our minds to shape our experience of what’s out there in the world.” Those words echo the words of Dogen and give me hope that it is possible to get beyond our self-centered tribal tendencies and embrace vast and boundless new possibilities. The crux seems to be how to keep a sense of awe in our lives; how to experience, as ourselves, the beauty and mystery of the ten thousand things in this very moment.

Three Treasures Sangha exists to provide a place and a way where this can happen. A place where we can forget ourselves, let go of our ideas and concepts, and allow the universe to come forth as it is—a way to encourage a sense of wonderment and reverence. This is an ancient path that invites the crescent moon, the passionately red fall leaves, and the song of the chickadee to show us the way. Sitting quietly, we encounter the great emptiness that is neither inside nor outside and both inside and outside. This place leads us toward the truth of the words of the indomitable Chief of the Nez Perce, Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt (Joseph): “The earth and myself are of one mind.” From this ground we act in ways that bear witness to the fact that all beings are family.

This is the time of year when I ask you to help enable TTS to continue to be a vibrant force in our lives. Your generosity helps provide stipends for our teachers and upkeep and maintenance for our buildings, garden and website. Please give what you can financially, but, more importantly, bring your fears and joys, your despair and hope into this sacred place, sit fiercely and lovingly with them, and allow yourself to touch and be touched by the deep, still presence you encounter. This practice of waking up together is not an escape from the world, but an engagement with it. This practice opens our hearts and leads us to compassionate action which includes and benefits all beings.

Do Good, Avoid Evil, Save All Beings!

Larry, for the TTS Board of Directors

For those looking to make a donation, please visit the donation page or send donations to: Three Treasures Sangha, P.O. Box 12542, Seattle, WA, 98111.