Two-Day Zen Retreat with Jack Duffy (February 13,14 )

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Jack Duffy Roshi

Jack Duffy Roshi

On February 13,14 , Three Treasures will host its monthly retreat. The two days include meditation, teisho (talks) and dokusan (interviews) with teacher Jack Duffy Roshi. The schedule is below.










Saturday, February 13th

9:00am — Chanting

9:30am — Zazen (Meditation)

10:10am — Dokusan (Interview with Jack Duffy)

12:00pm — Lunch/Work Period (Informal, bring your own lunch)

1:30pm — Zazen

2:00pm — Teisho (Talk by Jack)

3:00pm — Zazen/Dokusan

4:20pm — Closing Ceremony

4:30pm — End


6:00am — Opening ceremony/Tea

6:45am — Zazen

7:15am — Dokusan

8:30am — Breakfast/Samu (Breakfast provided)

10:00am — Sutras

10:30am — Zazen

11:00am — Dokusan (Maybe we’ll have another talk in here also)

12:45pm — Closing Ceremony