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Weekly Zazen at Dharma Gate

  •     Wednesday evenings 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  •     Friday mornings 6:30am – 7:30am followed by breakfast. First Fridays include practice discussions.

Zazenkais and Sesshins

August 8-9 Zazenkai with Jack Duffy Rōshi

September 13 Zazenkai with Madelon Bolling

September 19-26 Broken Raven sesshin with Jack Duffy Rōshi
For more information or to apply,(Download Application Form)

October 11 Zazenkai with Lee Shields

November 8 Zazenkai with Lee Shields and Madelon Bolling

December 12-13 Zazenkai with Jack Duffy Rōshi

Recurring Events with Related Sanghas

Mountain Lamp Community, in Deming, WA (See their daily schedule, and contact them to make arrangements.)

Mindfulness Community of Puget Sound (MCPS shares Dharma Gate with Three Treasures. You can see their practice schedule here.)


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