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Three Treasures Sangha

Three Treasures Sangha of the Pacific Northwest (TTS) is a lay Zen group located in Seattle, Washington and affiliated with the Diamond Sangha, an independent lineage founded by Robert Aitken Rōshi, a dharma heir in the Sanbō Kyōdan (Harada-Yasutani-Yamada) lineage. Read more about us here.

Lay Practice: A Dharma Talk

November 13, 2014

By Lee Shields

We are together involved in a great movement that is very personal to each of us, and is also playing out in countries around the world as we speak. Each of us is experimenting with the adaptation of an ancient monastic tradition to our busy lay lives. Even those of us who live or have lived in retreat settings for periods of time I suspect adapt in the interface with our modern world. Speaking for myself, I have no doubt already that this practice of silent meditation, whether done formally on a cushion here together, at home alone or with family, or in the act of doing my job and while speaking, enriches me. But when Madelon and I met to talk about what to bring as a focus for today’s Zenkai, we also recognized we are doing something difficult, and each of us has our own methods and wisdom that we might share together. Read more…

Zazenkai, November 9, Engaging Lay Practice

November 4, 2014

This Sunday, at Dharma Gate, please join Three Treasures Sangha for a zazenkai, day of sitting & a dharma talk.

The schedule will be:

9:00 Opening, Five Remembrances, Zazen

9:35 Zazen: Offering of selected lines of a reading from Dogen

10:30 Introductory words by Lee and/or Madelon, and discussion,  Kinhin

11:30 Zazen

12:30 Informal lunch (Soup, bread & cheese provided. Please bring sandwich fixings or other food to share.)

1:30 Sutras

2:00 Zazen, Interviews

2:50 Closing, Great Vows

Buddha Twirls a Flower: Or, Buddha Albert Einstein, and George Carlin walk into a bar

November 4, 2014

By Lee Shields

The Gateless Barrier, Case 6:

Once, in ancient times, when the World-Honored One was at Mount Grdbrakuta, s/he twirled a flower before her assembled disciples. All were silent. Only Mahakasyapa broke into a smile.

The World-Honored One said, “I have the eye treasury of right Dharma, the subtle mind of nirvana, the true form of no-form, and the flawless gate of the teaching. It is not established upon words and phrases. It is special transmission outside tradition. I now entrust this to Mahakasyapa.

This is an utterly simple story; in another context we could weave many explanations around it, but as a Zen koan, we know it directly points to essential nature. Read more…

This Sunday: Commemorative stone dedication, October 26

October 20, 2014

Please join us this Sunday, October 26, for a special ceremony to initiate an area on the grounds that honors our root teachers, Robert Aiken and Thich Nhat Hanh, and members of our sanghas who have passed on. We will start with a half hour of sitting from 10:00 to 10:30 A.M. and then walk outside to the commemorative area, where stones will be placed for late members of MCPS and TTS. Members of their families have been invited to join us for this ceremony. Friends and families will be welcome to say a few words about our loved ones who have passed away. The regular Day of Mindfulness activities will continue after the ceremony. Please bring your own zafu for the sitting period as there may be quite a few folks in attendance.

Register now for Broken Raven sesshin, September 20-27

August 14, 2014

On September 20 we begin our 7-day sesshin – an intensive meditation retreat with Jack Duffy Roshi. Sesshin is a wonderful opportunity to deepen practice with seven days of silent meditation, teishos and dokusan (talks and individual meetings) with Jack. In sesshin, we pick up practice early in the morning, and carry it with us in formal sitting, chanting, eating, and rest periods through the day. The ritual is all designed to support practice in all activities without distraction.

If you haven’t done sesshin with TTS before and want more information, feel free to send me an email or give me a call on the TTS phone line. I encourage all to join full or part-time if you can take the opportunity.



Click here to download the sesshin application.

“Even prior to heaven and earth”

June 12, 2014

By Madelon Bolling
This piece was originally given by Madelon as a dharma talk
at the Three Treasures Sangha zazenkai on June 8, 2014.

[Note: Daio Kokushi is a dharma name. Daio means “great Yes,” “great affirmation,” or “great response.” Kokushi is the Japanese version of a Chinese term meaning “national teacher,” pronounced like the English “coke-she.” The middle “u” is silent.]

In his verse, “On Zen,” Daio Kokushi (1235-1309) wrote, “There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth.” We often recite this fairly automatically, so today I’d like to consider it with more respect. “Respect” just means “to look again,” and this morning we’ve been looking again at this line: even prior to heaven and earth.

“Heaven and earth” might mean everything we know and everything we dream about. We know about “Earth” and its associated experiences of toil, trouble, confusion, and death. We dream about “Heaven” and the possibility of experiencing peace, light, joy, and eternal life. But students of Zen are not in the business of relating to mythical places, so what would Daio Kokushi intend by even mentioning “heaven” when writing about a deeper reality? Read more…

Zazenkai, June 8: Even Prior to Heaven and Earth

May 28, 2014

Please join us on Sunday June 8 at Dharma Gate for a one-day zenkai with Madelon from 9am to 3pm.
There will be an informal lunch, with soup, as well as brad & cheese for sandwiches, provided; please bring other sandwich fixings or other food to share. We will consider hints given in Daio Kokushi’s verse On Zen, settling in to the deep attraction that practice holds even in the presence of the contradictions of daily experience.

The schedule will be as follows:

9:00 Opening, Five Remembrances, Zazen

9:35 Pointers: selected lines of On Zen, Zazen

10:30 Recitation: Daio Kokushi’s On Zen, Dharma talk, Comments and discussion, Kinhin

11:30 Zazen

12:30 Informal lunch (Soup, bread & cheese provided. Please bring sandwich fixings or other food to share.)

1:30 Sutras

2:00 Zazen, Interviews

2:50 Closing, Great Vows

We’re looking forward to sitting with you.


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